Have We Changed After All?

A poem from googled snippets of text - details on the creative process at the bottom of this post. ~ ~~ ~~~ Have We Changed After All we’re unearthing the biggest questions Why do we have such strong preferences If we think we know better struggling to believe that God will provide traverse this landscape … Continue reading Have We Changed After All?

Poets Who Speak of Jupiter

In the third chapter of the first volume of his legendary physics lectures, Richard Feynman discusses the relation of physics to other sciences. He says that astronomy got physics started, and its most remarkable discovery is that stars are made of atoms of the same kind as those on the earth. He adds this famous … Continue reading Poets Who Speak of Jupiter

Cyber Something

You know you have become a dinosaur when you keep using outdated terminology. Everybody else uses the new buzz word, but you just find it odd. But someday it will creep also into your active vocabulary. Then I will use the tag cyber something, like stating that I work with cyber-physical systems. But am I … Continue reading Cyber Something

The Subtle Power of the Top Snippet. A New Sub-Genre of Google Poetry.

New game, new rules! I have tried to make the rules tougher! Here is some context and history. Search for your site on Google: site:elkement.wordpress.com Pick the first search result in the language of your site[*] Pick a chain of words, a contiguous snippet from this Google search result (use only the snippet on the … Continue reading The Subtle Power of the Top Snippet. A New Sub-Genre of Google Poetry.

Bots, Like This! I am an Ardent Fan of HTTPS and Certificates!

This is an experiment in Machine Learning, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, whatever. But I need proper digression first. Last autumn, I turned my back on social media and went offline for a few days. There, in that magical place, the real world was offline as well. A history of physics museum had to be opened, … Continue reading Bots, Like This! I am an Ardent Fan of HTTPS and Certificates!

Self-Sufficiency Poetry

Our self-sufficiency quota for electrical energy is 30%, but what about the garden? Since I haven't smart metered every edible wildflower consumed, I resort to Search Term Poetry and random images. This is a summer blog post, lacking the usual number crunching and investigative tech journalism. Search terms are from WordPress statistics and Google Tools. … Continue reading Self-Sufficiency Poetry

Blinded by the Light: Links Not Considered Click-Worthy

I promised more experimental internet poetry -- here it is! The problem: Spam comments have petered out, their number seems to scale with posting frequency. The quality of search terms for this blog has improved, and most terms are technical and dull. I turned to untapped raw material - finally I know what last year's … Continue reading Blinded by the Light: Links Not Considered Click-Worthy

Google-Mediated Self-Poetry – Holiday Edition

A new sub-genre of my experimental internet poetry! Is Google able to capture the essence of this blog? Rules: Search your own site on Google, using site:[your site]. This 'poem' is based on results from site:elkement.wordpress.com. Open the first search result in a new tab. Pick one phrase from this page (your own content) and … Continue reading Google-Mediated Self-Poetry – Holiday Edition

What the Internet Asks of Me

... via search terms submitted by blog visitors, of course! This is a cross-over of search term poetry and using search terms for serious investigations: A collection of phrases from 2015 WordPress statistics, plus comments [in italics and bold]. As usual, phrases are unedited except from truncations at beginning and end, and I have added … Continue reading What the Internet Asks of Me