Have We Changed After All?

A poem from googled snippets of text - details on the creative process at the bottom of this post. ~ ~~ ~~~ Have We Changed After All we’re unearthing the biggest questions Why do we have such strong preferences If we think we know better struggling to believe that God will provide traverse this landscape … Continue reading Have We Changed After All?

Tower in the Middle

To honor Foucault's Pendulum (the novel), I am creating poetry from it - and in its spirit. Rules: Open the physical book at a random page and point to a random place. Pick a phrase touched by your finger tip. This becomes a line of your poem. Repeat until it feels like the poem has … Continue reading Tower in the Middle

Cyber Something

You know you have become a dinosaur when you keep using outdated terminology. Everybody else uses the new buzz word, but you just find it odd. But someday it will creep also into your active vocabulary. Then I will use the tag cyber something, like stating that I work with cyber-physical systems. But am I … Continue reading Cyber Something

The Subtle Power of the Top Snippet. A New Sub-Genre of Google Poetry.

New game, new rules! I have tried to make the rules tougher! Here is some context and history. Search for your site on Google: site:elkement.wordpress.com Pick the first search result in the language of your site[*] Pick a chain of words, a contiguous snippet from this Google search result (use only the snippet on the … Continue reading The Subtle Power of the Top Snippet. A New Sub-Genre of Google Poetry.

Bots, Like This! I am an Ardent Fan of HTTPS and Certificates!

This is an experiment in Machine Learning, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, whatever. But I need proper digression first. Last autumn, I turned my back on social media and went offline for a few days. There, in that magical place, the real world was offline as well. A history of physics museum had to be opened, … Continue reading Bots, Like This! I am an Ardent Fan of HTTPS and Certificates!

Bing Says We Are Weird. I Prove It. Using Search Term Poetry.

Bing has done so repeatedly: In order to learn more about this fundamental confusion I investigated my Bing search terms. [This blog has now entered the phase of traditionally light summer entertainment.] Rules: Raw material: Search terms shown in Bing Web Master Tools for any of my / our websites. Each line is a search … Continue reading Bing Says We Are Weird. I Prove It. Using Search Term Poetry.

The Future of Small Business?

If I would be asked which technology or 'innovation' has had the most profound impact on the way I work I would answer: Working remotely - with clients and systems I hardly ever see. 20 years ago I played with modems, cumbersome dial-in, and Microsoft's Netmeeting. Few imagined yet, that remote work will once be … Continue reading The Future of Small Business?

Other People Have Lives – I Have Domains

These are just some boring update notifications from the elkemental Webiverse. The elkement blog has recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, and the punktwissen blog will turn five in December. Time to celebrate this - with new domain names that says exactly what these sites are - the 'elkement.blog' and the 'punktwissen.blog' (Edit: which now - … Continue reading Other People Have Lives – I Have Domains

Internet of Things. Yet Another Gloomy Post.

Technically, I work with Things, as in the Internet of Things. As outlined in Everything as a Service many formerly 'dumb' products - such as heating systems - become part of service offerings. A vital component of the new services is the technical connection of the Thing in your home to that Big Cloud. It … Continue reading Internet of Things. Yet Another Gloomy Post.

Self-Sufficiency Poetry

Our self-sufficiency quota for electrical energy is 30%, but what about the garden? Since I haven't smart metered every edible wildflower consumed, I resort to Search Term Poetry and random images. This is a summer blog post, lacking the usual number crunching and investigative tech journalism. Search terms are from WordPress statistics and Google Tools. … Continue reading Self-Sufficiency Poetry