Connectedness and Independence

My websites ebb and flow. After 23 years of writing online, I am recognizing recurring patterns. I am keeping ancient hyperlinks intact. All articles I had published here before 2020 are still available elsewhere, also under the former main domain used at WordPress - elkement.blog. My frustration about other referenced websites' ever changing and abandoned … Continue reading Connectedness and Independence

Edginess: What I Was Searching For

First Spam Poetry since a long time! Every line is an unedited snippet from about 100 spam comments on this blog. Process: View spam comments at random Either pick a phrase from the comment or discard it, then delete the comment. Jump to the next spam comment - spam comments can be processed in any … Continue reading Edginess: What I Was Searching For

Impersonating a Windows Enterprise Admin with a Certificate: Kerberos PKINIT from Linux

This is about a serious misconfiguration of a Windows Public Key Infrastructure integrated with Active Directory: If you can edit certificate templates, you can impersonate the Active Directory Forests's Enterprise Administrator by logging on with a client certificate. You have a persistent credential that will also survive the reset of this admin's password. In the … Continue reading Impersonating a Windows Enterprise Admin with a Certificate: Kerberos PKINIT from Linux

Locating Domain Controllers and Spoofing Active Directory DNS Servers

Last year, hackthebox let me test something I have always found fascinating - and scary: You can impersonate any user in a Windows Active Directory Forest if you have control over the certificate templates of an AD-integrated Windows Public Key Infrastructure: Add extended key usages for smartcard logon to the template, enroll for the certificate, … Continue reading Locating Domain Controllers and Spoofing Active Directory DNS Servers

The Solar Self-Building Movement

Every year the International Energy Agency publishes a detailed report on worldwide usage of solar thermal energy. The last one from 2019 is based on data from 2017. Countries are ranked by their installed capacity: Collectors' thermal heating power under standard operating conditions is linked to their area: 0.7 kWth (kilo Watt thermal) per square … Continue reading The Solar Self-Building Movement


I was reading a scholarly thesis about Austria's history of energy engineering and politics. Our only nuclear power plant was built and ready to go at the end of the 1970s. Only after it was completed a referendum was held, and 50.5% of voters decided against ever putting it into operation. The plant turned into … Continue reading Pendulum

Remote Work

Many long-term remote workers share their experiences - here are some random thoughts of mine. For many years, an onsite appointment has been the exception for me. This does not apply to any kind of work - but I have always believed that in some industry sectors much more remote work would be possible than … Continue reading Remote Work


This is not an attempt to have an opinion or try to find a new aspect in this crisis. I am just writing about my own experiences, and anybody else's might be different. I have always been a minimalist, long before it was fashionable and a movement. I have been disposing and donating stuff relentlessly. … Continue reading Stuff